// Don’t talk with your mouth full of bullshit. //

I cannot express how the past few days have made me feel. This is one of the reasons why I never wanted to get Facebook back and yet I was talked into it and yes, I was stupid to think none of the shit would happen again.

Sunday night though I’ve had to put up with lies about me. Beause I spoke my mind about someone I used to know from school. I always speak my opinion, whether it’s about bullying, how I’ve seen someone been treated unfairly because of their, race, gender or disability.

I had this ‘Friend’ who showed her friend and they never bothered to ask who it was about they just assumed I had wrote it about her.

So, I got a message off this person using an old account, What I read angered me more because my friend had told this girl that I was sleeping with her ex and hiding secrets from my hubby. Which I can say is 100% untrue. This fake friend knows fully I wouldn’t ever do that so to make such bullshit up about me pisses me off. Just because her relationship broke down shes making false accusations about me now.

So I simply explained who my status was about, would this girl listen? No. Instead she said she will come down to where I was doing training to threaten me. So I waited 20 minutes after I had finished for this girl. She never turned up.

The same bullshit that I’m the pathetic one but put yourself in my position, you make a status and then it gets to someone who you had blocked and the only mutual friend is your fake friend. She did admit to showing her but was it her responsibility to show her something that had nothing to do with them? No. So I unfriend her because I feel betrayed and then I get threats and bullshit like that. I’m not the pathetic one. People shouldn’t work with children if they’re going to act childish themselves.

I’m proud and happy to say that my partner is my world, he is my absolute everything. I would never cheat on him, hes been cheated on before by his exes and I’ve been treated badly by exes. I just want to treat him the way he should be treated. Thats all I want to do. He deserves the best and thats why everyday I support him and encourage him to make the right choices in life. We’ve been together 3 years, 4 month, 3 week and 4 days and why would I chuck that away? I wouldn’t because I treasure every moment with him.

This person who made these rumours had just come out of a relationship and her ex got with someone else the next day, she was constantly moaning about his new girlfriend having a ‘cock eye’ she was saying she would message her with abuse and going on about he was covered in ‘slag tags’ at a weekend away.

// R.I.P Robin Williams. //

The world has lost a very special man. This man made me laugh as a child, cheered me up as I grew up and always loved watching his films. Robin Williams was an absolute legend and I am shocked and saddened to hear about his death. He always seemed to be the one that made others laugh when he needed someone to help him with the difficult times he’s currently dealing with. A lot have said hes selfish for committing suicide. But I don’t think he’s selfish at all. I know what it feels like to be depressed and it is a horrible feelings.

I’m going to miss everything about him, this celebrity death has really upset me because of the kind of person he was. So caring and so down to earth. He’s the kind of person who I would love to have sat down with and talked for hours. Forget the fact he was famous, he would’ve been one of those who you could have a serious talk to, who could be undeestanding and make you laugh when you feel at your lowest.

Losing such a wonderful man to depression is sad. I wish he couldve been helped, I didn’t think any less of him and I still dont. His memory will live on in all our hearts.

The world has lost its laugh.

Legends never die.

// The boy who cried bullshit…//

So I am mad, No, infact, I’m beyond mad, I’m absolutely pissed off!

I had this friend and he was always and I mean always talking to me moaning about his girlfriends. Especially one. Even though this did get beyond annoying I always gave him advice. This advice I gave him he said a few weeks ago he would follow, which meant he would get rid of his ex out of his life because she made him feel like self harming. I did feel sorry for him so I gave advice I thought would suit him.

Last week I found out my advice was a waste of time, So, I blocked and deleted him on instagram and blackberry messenger. I couldn’t take being moaned at, give him advice and then he literally not take this advice. He would moan how bad she treated him and then a few hours later ‘I love her so much I want to spend the rest of my life with her’ So I thought the best thing to do was let him know how I felt before I blocked and deleted him and get on with my life.

Earlier this week, I was lying in bed, just on my phone because I wasn’t tired. He popped up on kik, which I forgot I had him on because I had only just recently installed it back on my phone. He sent me a few messages and I thought I’d let him know exactly how I felt because I felt an idiot just trying to give him the right advice. Thats when he dropped a big bombshell.  He told me he had been told he had stage 4 cancer and the doctor had given him till Wednesday to live.

I told him I’m sorry for his news but I am still mad at how he treated me, he continued to say that they was ‘meant to be’ and I just told him to leave me alone in the end.

A friend of mine asked his ‘girlfriend’ if it was true that he had Stage 4 cancer and was given till Wednesday to live. She told me he had told her he had Stage 2 cancer and knew nothing about him apparantely only having until Wednesday to live. Ofcourse I was pissed because he knew I had lost a friend from school to cancer and just a month ago one of my college tutors had lost her battle.

The next day he had posted something on his instagram where he said ‘Planning my future, need to know what I want to do with my life’ This got me thinking when my friend told me and she asked him ‘I thought you only had till wednesday to live because thats what you told my friend?’ Within a couple of seconds my friend got instantly blocked. So I reactivated the facebook I had him on and asked him. Withing seconds he blocked me on that as well. He popped up on Kik insulting me, asking ‘what the fuck I was doing’ and I asked him ‘I thought you had stage 4 cancer and was given till wednesday to live?’ He had only been diagnosed the other day, no treatment had started, but his reply was ‘I’m getting better I don’t have it anymore’ I told him It doesn’t just go away like that and he told me to go and die.

No one should ever joke or lie about having cancer. It’s disgusting, It’s horrible and to be honest, those who joke about it are sad human beings who need their heads sorting out.

// #BanAnimalAbuse//

I hate seeing poor innocent animals abused, honestly everytime I see an animal hurt I wish I could help them. I would never dream of hurting my dog, he’s part of the family, he’s like a little baby I must admit but I wouldn’t change him.

My dogs a staffy, he’s 10 and a lot of people are very wary about that breed of dogs including pit bulls. My dog has grown up around small children, when we first got him he was surrounded and he absolutely loved the attention he got.

I think the way the owner raises a dog is how they react in environments. My dog hates other dogs but loves children but he has never attacked any other dog, he just growls and barks, we’ve always managed to distract him. So many people including a lot of infants are being mauled to death by pet dogs, but my opinion looking at the environment it doesn’t look like an environment where a pitbull is bought up to love children and other people. I don’t see it as being the dogs fault how it is bought up by it’s owners.

There’s no excuse for beating a dog to death with a brick or sticking a kitten in the microwave because it ate your pet goldfish.


// Miley Cyrus The Wannabe Porn Star?//

So there has been a lot of publicity about Miley Cyrus and her tour that she started on Valentines Day.

Seeing pictures it is more like a porn show than a show that is suitable for girl at a young age who look up to her. Reading about parents who took a 9 year old to one of her concerts and walked out because of the innapropriate behaviour, It does make me think well, you saw what she was like before her tour started, what made you think she would act decent on stage for her tour when her Jingle bell rock performances were not for the young viewers eyes.

Parents can’t say they didn’t know her concerts would be that risque but her VMA’s showed enough to say young people under the age of 16 should not see this girl live due to her performance.

If i was a parent to a 13 year old girl who wanted to see Miley Cyrus in concert i’d tell her no chance in hell would I let her be exposed to such slutty performances.

If you’re a parent what would your view be on allowing your child to see her in concert?

// Let’s put an end to trolls. //

Theres been a lot of discussion about trolls on twitter. Should something be done? Should twitter do more?

Denise Welch who was on BBC News this morning says she names and shames her trolls, with a result of those people losing their jobs and then they beg her husband to remove the tweet because their partner doesn’t know that side of them.

In my opinion twitter trolls should be BANNED not just by email but by their IP address. For those who don’t know what an IP address is; It is: a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

Why allow them to make numerous amounts of emails to bully? Although I do love how Google, Hotmail and Yahoo now ask for a phone number to create an email and do only allow the same number for one email created with them. This is the start to help prevent numerous profiles being made. This is because Facebook, twitter etc will not allow the same email to create a profile more than once. Once you’ve used it. Thats it. Even if you deactivate those profiles then you will not be allowed to use that email again. I am very happy with this because I had a former best friend create facebook profiles of my friends, stealing their identities, but her stupidity helped me realise they was fake. For one, she claimed one of my friends from Czech Republic now lived in the west midlands and could all of a sudden speak perfect English. She stole peoples identities from Czech, Romania, Australia, numerous amounts of locations, all in a bid for my to accept so she could insult me. She could’ve been done for this because she is stealing peoples identities so therefore it is fraud.

What is your take on twitter trolls or any trolls for that matter on any social media site?

// How to recognise a fake profile. //

So this is a fake profile, that added me a few years back after I sorted my life out and kicked out some fake friends. If you notice in the red box there the person who created the profile, If you notice in that one she mentions the shit shes causing with me and also notice the text typing are very similar.

On another status you will see the SAME person commented on about status, this time, both profiles use the same text speak, capital letter to start off every word.

This is the bio of the fake profile, as you can see same text speak, same spelling mistakes, you will also notice that they start every word with a capital letter. Also notice that the work place, it’s not proper work place, usually with a workplace on facebook you can look up your place of work. ALL tattoo shops that are in bilston are listed on facebook. But what really points the obvious out with this fake profile, this person was threatening me on formspring and claimed she was currently living in Australia. So she wouldn’t be working in Bilston if she was situated in Australia.

Notice once again that the person who created the fake profile are liking all the facebook stautses this person posts. Plus same computer speak as the other person.

Notice in this one, capital letter for the start of every word. Just like the creater of the profile does.

This person stated she was situated in Australia on formspring and now shes apparantely using the person who created the profile to communicate with me. When I upload more of this convo you can see a simularity between these ‘two’ different people and how they talk on a computer.

You should be able to see some simularity between how the ‘two’ speak, spelling anything - anythink, nothing - nothink, making  mekin. Also after being threatened by this person who claims to have been situated in Australia, the creater of the fake profile states shes not yet over in Australia.

This was also created by the same person who created the Vikki Black account. Again simularities with computer talk.

// 2014!//

I hope all my wonderful, beautiful followers had a fantastic Christmas and I wish you all a fantastic new year.

I need some help, I already have an instagram, which I would be grateful If you could all follow: http://instagram.com/missnervous2013 and I also have twitter: http://twitter.com/missnervous2013 Do you think to help get the word around more I should make a Facebook page? If so how do I make a page where it let me stays anonymous? Your help would be appreciated

// Her life more important than yours!? //

This morning I’ve found out something that is beyond a piss take.

My sister is bullied at school by this gang, they call her fat, say she has green hair and threaten to beat her up. This gang is a bunch of cowards. In June of this year the bullying had got to the point where I stepped in. I told the girl who threatened her to not touch her or else she’s going to face worse consequences (the police taking further action) This coward never likes being coonfronted, so she could not look me in the eye. I told her to leave my sister alone or else further action will be taken. On that same day her other little friend who also bullies my sister, got her brother and dad involved, because I called the first girl a stupid fat fat bitch, so the second girl tried to say I had called her it. This family can do nothing but threaten people with the rest of their family, who are gypsies. (I dont have nothing against gypsies but when they threaten that the whole family will take refuge at my house is pretty pathetic) but anyway this girl got her brother and Dad involved, her brother was waiting at the top of the street and we told him the bullying has gone too far and his sister needs to stop. Her Dad however wanted to beat the shit out of my Dad/Brother but when neither of them was in he started threatening me and my Mom to hurt us. This sad excuse of a man tried to shut his van door on my Mom to injure her, This sad excuse of a man deserves to be locked up.

Well on Friday 20th December 2013 Girl B phoned Girl A to ask what my sister was wearing, because Girl B never went to school. This has made me  think that these bullies have nothing better to do than revolve their own lives around my sisters. Really is pathetic.

// Yap Yap Yap.//

So was talking to my husband last night and we was having a laugh about the people we know and how they have changed. As soon as my husband changed jobs, his friend he worked with blanks him, up until my husband messaged him the other day showing off something his friend really wants. Which I am proud of my hubby for being a smug bastard.

How people will think to cause trouble with me because of their jelousy and hating how perfect my life is. Not messaging my husband who they involve in arguments and being gutless pretty much. One thing In life you will learn about bullies is that they’re too gutless to have a go at someone that they know will pretty much humiliate them. They always goes for the people who they think the can annoy so much they hope the person they are bullying kills themself.

These people arent worth time. The bullied is always a better person than the bully. How do I know? Well If you wasn’t they wouldn’t bother you in the first place. So whenever you feel like you’re worthless because of the bullies, think again because you’re not. The bullies are the people who have no life because they pay so much attention to yours because your life is better than theirs.

This is why I laugh so much because when I’m out and a certain SHIT DJ is at a pub me and the husband knows he’s immediately texting away at his bully of a daughter to say we’re there.

I’m a better person than her because If you knew us both personally. You would find out yourself.

Whats also hilarious is I’m not sure if i wrote about this in a previous blog but she read my blogs and then caused trouble, she then tried to blame me putting things on facebook, which I don’t have and was also saying I was putting things on my twitter, which she stole my pictures to create a fake facebook. This is how low she would stoop. But she doesn’t know this is me obv because I am anonymous and I don’t name or shame on here. She recognised her own fuck ups and decided to try and cause trouble so that I would shut this blog down so no one could read them. I want to help other people who suffer bullying and give them the right support that they need. Email me at: missnervous2013@gmail.com

// Hold onto your balls!//

Can I ask a serious question?

I’m so confused as to why chaps think it’s attractive to walk around with their hands down their boxers. It’s not attractive, If anything It’s revolting. I hope you wash your hands before you go about putting those filthy hands of yours over things other people have to touch!

// Stalker.//

So yesterday I was sorting out my Twitter, I came across an account I had blocked thinking it was someone that I was having trouble with. The Twitter account has called @AsoaRowe but the main name was Delsin Rowe. Last night i realised I had seen that name before and it finally clicked, the person I thought this was, I was wrong, Instead it was the lad from belgium. I had messaged this person on the 21st June 2013 saying: 'If this is a fake twitter do a better job at faking a Twitter and not just follow me.' I then immediately blocked the user.

In September I wrote about how I was having trouble with this boy, he called me the stalker! If you click this link http://gameground.ucoz.com/ and look at who updates the information on there you would see the user name is Delsin Rowe.

I am pretty creeped out that he would go to lengths back then to stalk me, like wth is his fucking problem with me? He says I’m the bloody stalker yet he’s the one creating these effing fake profiles to watch my profile.

I have just LOL’d so much :’)

I have just LOL’d so much :’)

// Judgement.//

Yesterday I was on instagram and a boy followed me, this boy who I will not name has a condition Alopecia, alopecia areata is a disease that affects the hair follicles, which are part of the skin from which hairs grow. In most cases, hair falls out in small, round patches about the size of a quarter. Many people with the disease get only a few bare patches. Some people may lose more hair. Rarely, the disease causes total loss of hair on the head or complete loss of hair on the head, face, and body.

It saddened me to read that this boy was brave enough to post pictures of himself but had captions such as he didn’t want to live on earth anymore, stating that his life sucks and that he just wanted to die. This hurts me because this young boy does not realise that in his own way he is perfect, no matter what people say. There were people calling him weird and being very rude towards him. They wasn’t making him feel as though he is equal to everyone else, they was making him feel like he stood out from everyone else and that he wasn’t equal like everyone else.

I have always believed that no matter what illness, disability, learning issues, race, age, sex, sexuality, I always believe that everyone should be treated equal, I’m not one of those people who would stare at someone just because for example they was in a wheel chair, if anything I would treat them like a normal human being making them feel equal to everyone else. I also support same sex marriage, because love comes differently to everyone but no matter what they’re still human, they’re not a monster, they’re a human being who has feelings. Those are my beliefs and I would be friends with anyone no matter if they did have an illness or a disability or maybe even learning issues. I would always be there to make them feel valued, special and like everyone else.

So when this person is putting pictures like that on instagram it upsets me to think he feels that way, I did leave a comment though saying that he is perfect in his own way.

When people judge people before they actually know them it can be so cruel.

// Leave it to the animals.//

I hate and I do mean hate how tacky animal print looks on clothing and bed covers or even as wallpaper.

I don’t like how it looks at all It’s just disgusting!

I would rather people leave the animal print because It does look better on the animals! it doesn’t look nice for leggings, it doesn’t look nice as a bed quilt (to be quite honest reminds me of del boy from only fools and horses, which was an awesome show, but del boy had all the cheap crap) and it looks absolutely vile as wallpaper.

It looks so much better on the animal because they are absolutely beautiful with their fur. Not on stuff for humans, It just makes me think the person looks cheap and tacky.

I am against animal cruelty, I hate reading about animals who are hurt/killed by those idiots in life that find it hilarious, but it does make me just want to hug my dog to make sure I know he’s well loved.

Rant over.

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